Aster dancing


Aster stands roughly six foot tall and is a rugged good looking sort of chap. His long dark brown hair is curly and hangs past his shoulders. Two slightly curling rams horns protrude from it just above the hairline. His ears protrude out and down a bit with the weight of the gold earrings they are adorned with. He wears a unkempt beard and is usually seen with a mischievous grin beneath his sparkling amber eyes.

He wears red studded leather armor when going to battle or adventure, carries two short swords and a crossbow. His overall outfit with a few adjustments goes from the travelling combat rogue to the entertaining showman and jester. He wears his pan flute on a leather strap either about his neck, or attached to his belt. There is a small but sturdy leather strap hanging from his wrist with a small wooden carved jesters head that dangles from the bracer. He carries with him a staff with another jester head perched atop it. He has sometimes be seen talking with it during his shows, or just for fun. He also will wear a pair of “hoof boots”, these are little more than soft leather socks that muffle his hooves when he needs them to.

Bio: Edit

Aster is a Satyr born and abandon outside the woods at the young age of six. He found his way into the larger port city of Fullhold a few miles away, but being born to party hard, he found himself in constant fights. At one point in his youth he was beaten almost to death’s door.

It was then, laying face down in the muck and garbage in a dark alley, bleeding out while his so called “friends” ran away, that he swore two things…

1) If I live, I will never leave my friends in the lurch like these have abandoned me this day. 2) I will one day be rich enough to never have to deal with scum like this again.

That was when he heard the voice whispered in soft echoes from the dancing leaves scattered through the passing summer breeze, “Swear fealty to me, and live.”

So he’s to be granted a warlock’s power, plus a second chance at life? And all he had to do was swear fealty to the archfay Hyrsam, the Prince of Fools? Done!!! And now a new reason to celebrate, lets PARTY!!

Now Aster the master caster who wants to get rich much faster, uses his street smart roguish sense and his newly found magic skills to entertain, incite high spirited diversion or parties and of course to con folks out of some coin… or girls out of their clothes. That is when he’s not hiring his spell sword or expert recovery skills out to the highest bidder.

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