Burrow Squids are land based creatures that have the ability to tunnel under rocky areas and create nests for themselves. They appear to be blind for the most part, but are able to sense tremors in the ground from even the lightest foot creatures.

Their nests also act as traps. They dig a funnel shaped hole in the rock deep in dark caves, and in the process a very fine powdery like sand is cast out and spread around the area. This can cause the ground to be very slick and treacherous for any who pass through. They extent their tentacles up through a hole in the base of the funnel and spray the fine powdery sand out to bury them from view. Then they lay very still and wait for prey to fall victim to their trap.

When someone enters the area, they wait for them to be in range and then the tentacles will strike the prey. Their tentacles have a paralytic venom excreted from their bone like spikes that protrude from the suction cups. They are also able to cause constriction damage and then pull their meals into the beak like maw to be either devoured, or suspended and cocooned for future meals.

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