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Vajarawynn is a fantasy world built for D&D 5E for use in my home game as well as online. Players who explore my world should feel free to edit and add to this Wikia.

 Galadorn;[edit | edit source]

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Places of interest:

The Tethers;

  1. Stone
  2. Life
  3. Ice
  4. Lava/Magma


  1. Phoenix Gulch
  2. Ashmoore Mountain
  3. Ashmoore Temple


  1. Fullhold
  2. Ebenwoods
  3. Forestmount Temple
  4. Feldons Crossing
  5. Krendor

People and characters of interest:

  1. Aster Mirthwood
  2. Fox
  3. Trimeri
  4. Rinn
  5. Ta'Varis
  6. Sinjen Arbarida
  7. Harbeck
  8. Baron Dolgrimm Stonehammer
  9. Han
  10. Calron
  11. Lutor

Groups Of Interest:

  1. The Winnow Knights
  2. The Dragon Knights
  3. The Arcane Circles
  4. The Seventh Circle

Creatures of interest:

  1. Burrow Squid
  2. Mule Dragons

Latest activity[edit | edit source]

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