Vajarawynn is a world torn asunder, two halves linked by four great tethers in geosynchronous orbit.  Dwarves run the stone tether, Elves control the great tree, also called the life tether, Dragonborn & Tiefling have the magma tether, and the Ice tether is controlled by giants.  One side of the planet, Solaria, is where normal society and structured under various kings and monarchies. The other side, Renglave, is a wasteland of destroyed and constantly shifting tectonic plates, volcanic activity, severe weather, and mostly nomadic survivors.  Society, in general, is still recovering from the Sky Scale war.  Adventure, treasure, magic, and glory await heroes with the grit and fortitude it takes to survive and explore this world.  Come one, come all, Vaijarawyn awaits. 

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