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Krendor is a large fortress complex & castle built close to the south eastern shores. It sits atop one of the "Cloud Stone Isles", a cluster of floating stone mountains above the ocean. There are no known reasons for these floating mountains to be air-born, but they are. The Cloud Stone Isles look like inverted white stone mountains and drifting sky boulders. Some are linked together with thick red moss covered vines growing out of these odd gray barked trees on the larger stone masses. Folks call the vines 'Weeping Veins'.

There is a long rope bridge extending out from the shore cliffs to the Krendor fortress. Krendor's walls were built high and thick to withstand attacks from long forgotten threats in the mists of history. Its main structure is a large castle of solid well built stone. The courtyard has several beautiful carved statues of various creatures and people. There is also an area fenced off with a beautiful garden.

Within the main structure is the fabled 'College of Krendor'. Many of the greatest artist, wizards and scholars of Galadria are known to have come from within these hollowed halls. Some remain here as professors and masters willing to take on apprentices to pass on their knowledge and arts. While the fortress in open to any who would like to come to study or research, there is a strictly enforced policy of no violence with a zero tolerance enforced by an ancient enchantment that will teleport any violators off the side of the isle... hundreds of feet from the stony shores below.

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