Renglave is the wastelands. The underside, within the "World Wound" is constant earthquakes and volcanic activity. The land changes almost daily and the folks who do live here, tend to be a hardy stock. There are travelling groups of entertainers. Some fighters, some gypsies, some slave owners. Their caravans are usually decorated with garish colors and various banners letting folks know who and what they are about. For the right amount of coin, you can buy a gladiator battle spectacle, or a dancing and music show, or even a night of debauchery. If you're really loaded, you can buy all three.

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There are several small villages and communities throughout the wastes, but most are mobile, or at least easily torn down and rebuilt elsewhere. The land is fierce and can take property and lives without warning. While most towns are ready to fold up and move at a moments notice, Phoenix Gulch is the exception to the rule. Still the land is not without its beauty, even in all the ash and embers drifting through the sky.

On the outside of Renglave, the land is wild and over grown. Jungle and hazards that not many adventures are willing to test their luck against. It's a land of no real cities or established civilazations at all. At least nothing since before the dragon hoard wars. There are ruins and burried cities from centuries ago. But the land is chock full of creatures with no other reason to live than to kill and keep the wilds, ... well, wild.


The ruined temples and cities are all overgrown and deserted now. What treasures lay forgotten within these structures? Who knows, but the dangers that lurk have for the most part insured they remain unseen by sentient eyes.

There are beasts of yet undiscovered races and pretty much everything that breathes, eats, or squats in the mud on this side if the planet, will kill you and crap you out to fertilize more jungle growth as soon as look at you. Before you go here, make peace with your gods, say whatever last words you may want folks to recall you by, and let them know if you want some monument built in your honor sans any real remains, because even the best trackers agree, the only dead meat worth carrying in or out of that place is rations.

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