Rinn is a born high elf who was raised in Silver Lee. Sliver Lee was named for its location protected by a large rocky cliff in which the dwarves from ages before had dug out a silver mine. The mine had been abandoned centuries ago, and the elves moved into the area to build their city.

Rinn's family was not normal for the elves (or most anyone else for that matter). His father was an outcast noble who attacked and raped Rinn's mother Xoliay. Xoliay did the best she could raising Rinn, but the boy lacked focus and was reclusive. In order to help him discover who he was and what he was capable of, Xoliay agreed to apprintice him to the master wizard and sage Gibben Malivak. Gibben was a hermit Tiefling who was married to Dolairia Brightminx a druid of the Eben Woods. Gibben was a Wizard Ranger of some renown, but when Dolairia died unexpectedly, well one might say his cheese slid off his cracker.

Rinn who had been with Gibben for a very long time, was suddenly thrust into Gibben's experimentation's. Gibben having lost his mind was venturing into dimensional exploration through various scrying spells that would link the mind of a subject with that of a target in another time and place. The problem was twofold. First the caster himself was pretty off his nut when he attempted the spellcraft. Second, was the Eben Wood had lost its Druid Dolairia who had been keeping the mystical Feywilds from unbalancing the mystical energies flowing through the woods themselves. In her absence, Feywild magics added quite a large quantity of chaos to any and all spells cast within their borders.

Rinn was linked to someone's mind who in his world was into recreational drugs, something called "free love" and an odd music called Rock and Roll. When he snapped out of the scry link, moments had passed in his world, but he had lived for a decade in the mind of the confused "rocker" and as a result will sometimes now break into song, singing verses from music that no one else in Galadria has ever heard. Many wish they still had never heard them when he's finished.

Rinn's master Gibben has taken on several students over the years and broke the group into three sites in various areas around the world. His "school" is called the Eben Wood Enclave, not as well known or accepted as the College of Krendor, but none the less a pretty widely accepted base of knowledge and mystical arts training. Well, that was before word got around that master Gibben had lost his mind anyway. Now days folks who recognize students from that group usually have pretty strong misgivings about them and their reliability.

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