Half-elf monk (Obstacles of the past, obscuring a path forward)

Description: Edit

Red eyes, auburn hair tied back in a pony tail. Wearing dark brown gi-like robes with wrapped sandals covering his feet.

Usually an unassuming and quiet type, but his cup runs a little on the full side when it comes to temper, and this cup is precariously balanced on a heavy heart and a troubled past. Not every monk you meet will be filled with serenity, and you could say this monk is a lot like Fox network, cause he cancelled his.

Bio: Edit

Born to a human father and his wood elven love, but his father died when the boy was not yet able to understand. His mother brought the child to her village, but they would not permit him to stay. The half blood would have to go. She brought the boy to the Forestmount Temple and left him in their care. She often visited and tried to be a part of his life, but the child never really understood why he had been left there to begin with.

Many years and lots of training later he was brought to the temple masters. They explained that within the walls of the temple there was much any man could learn, but some lessons had to be sought out through experience of life. In spite of all the progress he had made within the temple, a hard decision had been made. They required him to leave his life with them and seek those life lessons.

As he prepared to leave he was met by one of his favored masters and his mother. His mother handed him a small book wrapped in soft leather and said, “This is my life, it is my mistakes, it is my perspective on everything that has happened to me… You son are my heart. I want you to travel with this and know it is me, watching over you the best way I know how, the only way I know how. Just as I’ve always done, just as I will until the last.”

The master returned his bow of respect and spoke in his soft low soothing tones, “Life is sometimes the teacher that opens doors in the minds and hearts that the student isn’t always aware are locked within.” He smiled and handed him a staff, “Seek the light through the storm. Return to share that light with others when you are ready.”

And with those final words and a tearful goodbye, he left his home … cast out … again … his brow furrowed with thought, understanding like a carrot leading him from the string dangling off a stick far out of his reach he travels.

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